Experts from Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Conducted Investigation and Survey in School of Finance, SWUFE 

(Released in:2013-12-23 )

11 experts from Daiwa Securities Group Inc. conducted a research in school of finance, SWUFE on the afternoon of Dec 11th, 2013.School Dean Qiaoyun Zhang, Dean assistant Lihong Zhai and professor Xiaomei Zhang attended the seminar. Besides, school also had invited 7 industry experts that are from Sichuan Trust, Huarun Trust, China Railway Trust, Chang’an Trust and Guangzhou futures.

The theme of the survey is to comprehend the effect of The Third Plenary Session of the 18 on China’s economic development, to analyze the future trend of China’s economy, to look ahead China’s economic and financial development and to understand the effect of the shadow banking system on economy.

Lihong Zhai firstly reported his view on the shadow banking system and looked ahead its development after The Third Plenary Session of the 18. After that all experts conducted thorough communications on the topics that include the business model of the shadow banking, the relationship between the shadow banking and economy, financial supervision and risk management, real estate industry development trend, the relationship between high-speed development of economy and risk control, the transformation of trust industry development, the protection of investors’ benefit, the relationship between urbanization and economic development and coping strategies of possible risks.

In the end, Dean Qiaoyun Zhang stated his opinion of the shadow banking from different aspects of financing market. He indicated that urbanization benefits economic development and the government is capable of controlling risks. He also introduced the history of the university, the history background of the school of finance, the development strategies of financial department and the construction of economic thinking tank.

Experts from Daiwa Securities Group Inc. showed their satisfaction of the research. The benefits were enormous. Based on the research they understand the development of China’s economy in different ways.