Financial Postgraduate Association Volunteers in Financial Literacy Public Action 

(Released in:2014-04-28 )

On the April 19th, more than ten students from financial postgraduate association participated in the public activity of financial literacy. The activity is based on the "service learning" innovative ideas, adhering to the "respect, care, caring for the elderly, helping the old" tradition, combined with finance professional advantage of our school, which is committed to enhancing students with practice social responsibility and social skills.

Volunteers deliver to the elderly financial security fraud prevention and counterfeit identification guide manual in Dongsheng Square as the center of radiation to the surrounding community. Most of all, they has alerted and reminded the elderly away from the trap of illegal fund-raising to establish correct financial management conception of current financial products as concerned that financial fraud cases were described. During the process, a number of elderly people actively discussed with volunteers on anti-counterfeiting techniques. At the same time, students were very pleased to be able to get social practice networking opportunities and experiences by the way of doing charity.