Institute of Finance Co-sponsors CICF 2014 

(Released in:2014-07-14 )

Our school of finance, cooperating with Tsinghua University China Center for Financial Research and MIT Sloan School of Management co-sponsored 2014 China International Conference in Finance (CICF 2014) in Chengdu between July 10th and 13th, 2014. The annual meeting aims to promote China's financial reform and opening up, as well as research and application of China's financial and international academic exchanges. Meanwhile, the conference provides with high level of open communication platform to encourage mutual exchange and discuss the latest research results.

Professor Jiang Wang of MIT chaired the meeting and our dean Professor Jun Liu in school of finance overseas attended the meeting and participated in academic forum clubs. Additionally, our School of Finance, Accounting Institute, China Center for Financial Research, Economics and Management Institute, Institute of Finance, nearly 20 teachers and more than 100 students attended the meeting.

More than 980 papers of the meeting were received, including a total of more than 230 conference papers, of which more than 200 articles were in English, more than 30 in Chinese. Thesis topics are related to all areas of finance, part of them directly or indirectly related with China and emerging markets research.

Former chairman of the American Finance Association, who is from the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College', Kenneth French made speech about his latest research results with co- collaborator, Nobel laureate--Eugene Fama, that is five- factor asset pricing model.

On the ensuing thematic sub-forum, many well-known experts and scholars who were from more than 200 schools and industry organizations around the world gathered together discussed and exchanged with academic thinking and research in various field. They are concerning about China's financial, banking and credit, asset pricing, institutional investors, behavioral finance, corporate governance and executive compensation, monetary and macroeconomic policy, development finance, corporate finance, information and market efficiency, financial derivatives and risk management, the RMB exchange rate, international finance and capital market.

The meeting further developed China's financial sector and drew useful suggestions to promote global financial exchanges and education in academic research and practical application.