Credit scoring 

(Released in:2014-08-23 )

Educational aims of finance programme

A degree which combines the study of credit scoring develops and demonstrates a decent career in bank and other credit rating evaluation in companies. Our programme will provide students for credit economics and management theory along with opportunity to gain

·           conceptual knowledge relevant to credit scoring system;

·           the proficiency to address problems along with mathematical, statistic and informational technology for researching credit background of clients;

·           comprehensive skills which will equip students to make a valuable contribution to credit scoring in financial intermediates and credit investigation and rating ability

Programme outcome

On completion of the programme, students will have acquired a good knowledge and understanding of:

·           good ideological and political quality with pioneering spirit in addition to right value of life;

·           creative thinking and lifelong learning ability in credit scoring field and rating tools;

·           comprehensive skills including computer literacy, independent action, communication, team-working and inter-personal interaction;

Advantages and opportunities for academic development

·           Advantages

§   Our school is treated as the largest financial training base in our country and provides help for credit scoring professional disciplines;

§   We have cooperated with influential and credit scoring agency to give lectures in the industry such as China Chengxin Credit scoring Co., Ltd.;

§   School of credit scoring has been given a key support from reporting to building.

·           Opportunities

§   School of credit scoring has fully integrated school -related resources and the teachers has been arranged to other colleges. All teachers there has doctoral degree. especially three ones with foreign backgrounds.

§   The department has adequate students who work for financial intermediates after graduation because of our school’s brand.

Study orientation

·           Credit rating

·           Commercial banking credit risk management

·           Consumer and commercial credit management

Credit requirement

Total credits are no less than 50. Among them, credits of course are no less than 40, practice in society 2 and science training Career opportunities

A key aim of our degree is to combine academic knowledge with transferable skills in order to enhance employability. Finance graduates are highly valued by employers across the world and the employment record of graduates of the school is evidence that postgraduates from our programme are highly sought after by a wide range of employers.  Our graduates secure employment in a diverse range of fields, the most popular being finance (76.2%), public management, society security organization 4.8%),business services9.5%