Briefing of Finance

With a time-honored history of education, the School of Finance at SWUFE boasts various academic and administrative tiers as well as discipline advantages. It enjoys a high reputation and influences both the Chinese financial and education industries.

It established a financial credit major in 1952, enrolled financial major undergraduates in the Accounting Finance Department in 1978, set up a Finance Department in 1979, enrolled postgraduates with money and banking majors in 1990. The School if Finance was organized from the original Finance Department, the International Financial Teaching and Research Office of International Economics Department, and the Rural Financial Teaching and Research Office of Department of Agricultural Economics in 1997. Finally, in 2000, the China Financial Research Center (a key research vase if humanities and social sciences of national regular institutions of higher education) was established.

The School of Finance topped the national university ranking in financial disciplines (appraised as a national key discipline) in 2002, and passed the review on national key disciplines by the Ministry of Education in 2007. Our school has a Finance Department, a Finance Engineering Department, a Credit Management Department and a Bilingual Teaching Center of Finance. At present, we have over 2500 undergraduates, 1,100 graduates and about 70 doctoral candidates. It is the largest national center for financial talent cultivation. Our school takes the discipline construction as its main goal, improves the core competitiveness of disciplines and constructs itself to be a research & innovation-based school with distinct characteristics. We give full play to the School of Finance's discipline characteristics and team advantages to solve the significant and practical issues, adhering to the purpose of serving the government and financial institutions. We use "project + team + research institution" as the main carrier to practice the university spirit of "Continuously working hard to benefit people" in the form of "strategic decision advice, research reports, technical support and high-quality training".