International Work Conference 2017  


On March 8th, the international working conference of 2017 was held to arrange the international work. Vice President Yin Qingshuang and directors of different colleges attended the meeting.

Yin Qingshuang pointed out at the meeting, the international work of new semester is to clarify the tasks and features of current international cooperation, adjust the international working target in accordance with the "double top" construction needs, catch the opportunity of the” One belt and one road” strategy. Second is to improve the integration of resources and the quality of international cooperation, apply scientific methods to evaluate cooperation projects, classify partners and allocate resources. Third is to attach great importance to international communications and cooperation in the ideological and political sphere. What we should do is to continue to promote ideological understanding as well as enhance political sensitivity.

At the meeting, director of OIEC, Liang Ting, introduced the recent international work of the school and the international work arrangements of 2017.

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