“The National Education Program of Finance and Economics” -- the 6th “CFFEX Cup” seminar was successfully held in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics 



Zhang Xiang, director of Financial Engineering Department of School of Finance, delivered a speech first, emphasizing that the competition not only allows participants to learn relevant knowledge of derivatives, but also provides internship positions and generous bonuses. I hope that students can seize the opportunity and actively participate in the competition. He also introduced the cooperation projects which will be conducted in the near future with China Financial Futures Exchange and China Futures Association. He also expresses wishes of more cooperation with these two associations in the future.

   Afterwards, Mr. Liu Bin introduced knowledge about financial derivatives from four aspects to all the students present. The first part is "Why financial derivatives are needed". Analysis of the stock market and public debt market from 2014 to 2017 shows that the market needs a tool for risk management, and financial derivatives came into being at the right moment. In the second part, Mr. Liu Bin introduced “What is a financial derivative” through six forms of derivatives products. Then, from the two aspects of stock index futures and interest rate futures, Mr. Liu Bin expounded the past, present and future of financial derivatives from both domestic and foreign perspectives. In the end, Mr. Liu Bin gave a detailed introduction on how to acquire and master related knowledge as students from financial major, and stressed that the learning of derivatives knowledge cannot be separated from theory, practice and practical operation.

   Finally, Ms. Fang Yanzhu of CITIC Futures Company briefed the students on the “CFFEX Cup” knowledge contest. This knowledge competition aims at popularizing derivative knowledge, training financial talents, and strengthening school-enterprise cooperation. In addition, she stated that students from SWUFE had achieved remarkable results in the past competitions and she is looking forward to their continuous glory this year .

   After the end of the seminar, many students showed their willingness to participate in the contest and hoped to enhance their professionalism through this competition. Students also gained many related knowledge of financial derivatives from this seminar. At this point, this preaching session successfully settled.


 (Article by Division and Creation Department of Sub Committee, Yuexuan HE, Hongjia REN and Qian YANG)

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