"Internet +" Guanghua Entrepreneurship Competition Sharing Session 



On May 23, 2017, the school of financial was held the "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship sharing session at 317 in Gezhi Building. This session was based on the 2017 guanghua entrepreneurship competition of SWUFE. The purpose is to share innovation and entrepreneurship experience and promote the smooth development of innovation and entrepreneurship in our school. The session was invited the founder of FC Angle Mr Pin LU as main speaker, meanwhile the heads of each participating team joined in the sharing exchange.


In the first place, Mr Pin LU shared his entrepreneurial experience in vivid language from a professional perspective. He outlined the characteristics of PE, VC and angel investment and the current situation of investment financing of technology enterprises, emphasizing that in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, people need to "focus on the industry and pay attention to details". At the same time, he mentioned that students should have a comprehensive understanding of their industry background and corporate culture and choose their best paths when choosing a career or starting a business. In addition, he introduced some experience of his work experience, and expressed his expectation for relevant exchanges and cooperation with the school of finance. In the end, he combined with colleges of finance and economics college students’ entrepreneurship of objective facts on narrow, put forward some Suggestions for business. He also indicates that college students need to accumulate solid technical skills, rich practical experience and extensive network resources before starting a business.

Next, in the Q&A part, all the students are actively communicating with each other, proposing how to get the favor of angel investment and how to apply the entrepreneurial idea to practice. The atmosphere is very active. Finally, in the warm applause of the students, the sharing will be concluded successfully.

The successful of this sharing session is not merely beneficial to the students to deepen understanding of the financial investment, enhance their innovative consciousness and ability, but also conducive to creating a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship in the school of Finance and promote the cultivation of excellent innovation and entrepreneurship talents.

Article by Division and Creation Department of Sub Committee, Reporter/Yin GAO, Editor/Xiaoyu WANG and Photography/Yin Gao

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