For the First Time, the SWUFE Participated as a Founding Member in the Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk (CDAR) Council of the University of California, Berkeley. 


    In order to advance the First-class Universities and Academic Programs of SWUFE, and deeply promotes our University to connect with the world first-class financial science and technology resources. On 11st and 12nd of April 2018, Jingmei ZHAO (Executive Dean of the School of Finance), Qizhi TAO (the Director of CFA Teaching and Training Center), Xubin CAO (the Director of Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center) and Qin LI (Vice Dean of the School of Economic Information Engineering) were visited the University of California, Berkeley. Mainly purposes were focusing on the CDAR laboratory and the Jupyter Notebook platform construction cooperation project.


    This meeting was the first board meeting since our University joined CDAR, The participants including representatives from State Street Corp, Swiss Re, Stanford university and University of California, Berkeley. This assembly elected the new council members and participants ardently exchanged opinions about the development prospect, direction and construction experience of financial science and technology platforms. It also clarified the direction of CDAR in the coming year. Specific ideas and implementation steps of further cooperation with our University were preliminarily determined in this assembly as well. CDAR and SWUFE will promote cooperation, including scientific research and paper presentations, joint academic conferences, and the construction of high-level financial think tanks in the next step.

    The delegation also attended the Jupyter Notebook project conference, organized by professor Fernando Perez of the university of California, Berkeley, one of the founders of Jupyter Notebook. The visiting group also learned about the curriculum setting of Data science in University of California, Berkeley, and listened to the introduction of Data 8 course platform. During that time, the group also visited five undergraduate students in exchange for study program at the university of California, Berkeley.

    This visit not merely further promoted the construction of our high-level laboratory and teaching platform; It provides good technical support and basic research platform for the follow-up open source, open data and international collaborative research of our school. It also played an active role in our school's efforts to become a leading research center for the study of China.

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