‘Communication and International Relation’ --Gary Rawnsley,  


Professor Gary Rawnsley, International academic strategy director of Aberystwyth University, gave speech ‘Communication and International Relation’ at room 204, Tongbo Building on Nov.11.2013.

At the beginning, Professor Gary Rawnsley simply introduced Aberystwyth University. Their objective is to make students happy and they believe that a world without knowledge is no world at all. Their aim and believe reflect their serious scientific research attitude and emphasize on knowledge. Aberystwyth University focuses on students’ independent thinking ability, encourages students have their own thoughts and express personal opinions.

In addition, Professor Gary Rawansley introduced international cooperation program with SWUFE. Currently they are preceding Double degree cooperation program, which is carried out by school of finance. The program includes 2+2 program for the undergraduate and 1+1+1 program for the graduate. Meanwhile, this program is preferential to SWUFE students in English score limits and tuition fee. After that professor Gary Rawnsley conducted Q&A session based on the question of curriculum and cultivation of the talent.

The speech is beneficial to students to get deeper understanding of the cooperation between these two universities and also is also good for cultivating international talents.

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